Run my little pretty

The time is drawing nigh. Winter is coming. It’s back to school! You know that though. Which is why you’re here, trying to deal.

Back to school is stressful. The events, the scheduling, the shopping. Not to mention the financial stress of manipulating your budget to afford the fees and the new clothes. Where did the summer go? I remember wanting to write about all the plans I had and how I was going to get them done. There’s still time though, to get all of your ducks in a row.

Before you do, I want you to hit pause and close your eyes. I know it’s lame, just try it. Close your eyes and envision what you want the year to be like. What do you picture yourself making time for? What would be your priority? When I close my eyes and imagine myself in the midst of it all, everything is finished. My chores, word count, and laundry are all completed, tucked neatly away. I’m sitting with the family for relaxing time ready to game with the guild and the hubby. I’ve had plenty of rest so I won’t need to log off early and I played with the kids all day so they’re eager for some alone time.

When I open my eyes that’s almost never what I see. There’s a million tasks, chores, and deadlines. Then my day job wants me to pick up more hours. So why did I torture you with that tantalizing vision, just so you can open your eyes to your toddler smearing peanut butter on the dogs back, while your gaming mouse is sitting in her water bowl? It’s possible, that’s why! the vision I mean, and also anything can wrong when you close your eyes so practice that at a better time, maybe.

Your vision is possible with some scheduling. Yes, I said the dreaded word. Maybe you’re very organized, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re a dad who wants to come home and relax at the end of the day, but your kids are crawling all over you while your wife is talking strategy about the dishes and the neighbors. You can see your computer glinting in the corner. If technology could be neglected it would be in tears. Whoever you are or whatever your dream is, you can achieve it through the magical schedule. I know it’s nerdy, but it can save you. here’s how.

Start with a blank piece of paper. As you do this more and more you can make it more complicated and as fancy as you wish.

  1. write down the hours of your day that you can’t change or move around. Such as your work hours or your children’s school and activity hours. These are finite and generally, don’t move. However, if you’re on a rotating schedule you can do a new schedule every week. It’ll be helpful, even if annoying at first.
  2. what’s the thing you want the most? More gaming time? Time to log in with your guild? Time to read or see friends? Put it in next. Do it, I dare you. Feel that? It’s called contentment.
  3. What do you feel guilty for not putting in the 2nd slot? Chores, quality kid time, dog walks? that’ll go in next. It’ll help keep you from feeling guilty when you’re working on #2.
  4. I save this number for chores, shopping, and home projects. This stuff is important, we all know that. The secret though is that it isn’t #1.
  5. Pencil in some time for friends, family or that awkward cousin that wants to have dinner. Just because it’s last on the schedule, doesn’t mean you don’t care. They’re on it right?!

I hope these steps helped a little bit, so you can get back to what you love. To feel like you’re living! Give it a try for a couple weeks and tweak it. I’d love to hear how you do! You can procrastinate. I know I am! Or you can prepare for winter. Which I am not, but it’ll go on the schedule… at some point.

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