Stupid dream won’t die

If you stop and think about it, give it some real thought. You’ll find that when you were younger, you were likely scared of everything. Making new friends, the huge assignment that was due, being called on to read. Anything could be a trigger that would send your heart a flutter, and have you begging not to go out the next day. Having to do it all again.

As an adult I find that those situations are few and far between. Most of us tend to live in a comfortable realm of expectation and execution. With the exception of having a new baby, or starting a new job, we tend to feel fairly comfortable in the villages we’ve set up for ourselves.

Until that nagging dream comes back. The one that wants you to follow it. Into the woods probably.  To die. It’s been stewing in your subconscious, and sometimes if you’re feeling especially whimsical, in your concious. What is your dream like? Maybe you wanted to open a shop, or build a charity for an under served cause, start a twitch stream? Or maybe you’re like me. You must enjoy wasting time, and have chosen writing.

I have a challenge for you. That’s what I do. I enjoy challenging others, you get used to it. Here it is: Do something that scares you. Ideally with your dream, your goal, your hidden wish. A roller coaster ride might work, but not as well. Pull up google and find out the first step you might take. Maybe there’s a forum with suggestions, a web page where people meet, or even an organization to push you in the right direction.

I recently pushed myself outside of my own comfort zone. I joined a critique group, to further my writing skills.   Other writers are reading and hating my work as we speak, and it’s amazing! I still fidget for the first 30 minutes I’m there, but I love it. To think, if I’d done it years ago I would’ve saved myself two years of self-doubt, wondering, and working in circles.

If you think about it, you kind of owe it to everyone who worked so hard to make complacency possible. Scare yourself and make your world bigger. Also, I believe you in you and stuff.




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