Artfully Imperfect

I have to admit that I really enjoy not having everything in its place. I thrive on a bit of chaos, when I’m under pressure. I even enjoy abbreviations and typos. As a writer this is an odd quirk of mine, I should hate that. I tend to understand what the person is trying to get at. I admire the flaw of living beings. If I’m being truly honest though, I’ve fought so hard against these inclinations my entire life. I’m really just a messy artist trying to function everyday.

Since I made the terrible mistake of growing up I have worked hard, so hard to get my crap together. I’m a literal slob, pack rat and procrastinator. All things that have me scrambling most days and late for pretty much everything on my schedule. I’m inspired by everything I see, own work on. I like it to be within reach. My right brain is happy in my chaos, it’s feed, thriving.  As much as I enjoy my own annoying habits, I’ve had to fight them in order to have better control of my time and productivity. You know, to be a grown up.

These days I can say I have it all in terms of time management. I enjoy writing my schedule out. Gross, right? I also enjoy throwing the tasks right out the window and doing none of them. Letting them mount up until my deadline is the next day is so worth it sometimes! Who cares if my laundry looks terrible? Nobody is in my room. Who cares of the dishes are out of control today. I’ve left the house. Grabbed my camera and wallet and went where the day took me. Oh no, I forgot school uniforms for the next day! Big whoop, I can toss them for a quick wash, not the end of the world.

There’s a point in here somewhere y’all. Unless something on your schedule is really important. Work, urgent crisis, health care issue, you can squeeze joy into your day. You will come back to your schedule, back to your balance. There’s no shame in seizing the day now and again. If you’re a type A personality and this is simply unfeasible to you, that’s OK. You can schedule a day for fun, just make sure you do it.

We live in an exhausting culture. Structure, schedule, hard work, great rewards. We reap what we sow. We all have a million things we like to do, or have to do. I’m sure you’ve seen marketing ads up everywhere about getting back to the hustle of things this fall. It doesn’t have to be that way. You’re allowed to love your life. Drive out-of-town for the weekend and risk getting back late. Stop by and see your parents. Go out to dinner with friends, take the kids. They’ll enjoy it too. You’ve got this schedule down, you always have. Now go do something chaotic.

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