Since last time I went on about how college can (note how I didn’t say a definitive is) be a big a waste of time and money it only seemed natural to segway from there. I hope you didn’t misunderstand and think you got to switch off for a summer of pools, tanning, and shopping without ever having to twist those brain waves again. On the contrary, the real work has only begun.

“The part that is new to me, is that I’ve finally decided to give it the attention it deserves.”

Now that you may have decided to take your education into your own hands you will have a bit of researching and planning to do. You may still need to take some time to figure out what it is that you want to explore, and that’s fine. You can enjoy taking your time to explore your interests and talents. Like you would if you were going to a traditional college, you need to research the field you’re considering entering. If your career field requires certification or a certain number of classroom hours then bad news, you’ll have to enroll. However, if this will be a career field you really want to be a part of then, of course, I encourage you to pursue it. Something to make note of is the degree trap. There are many fields out there that DO NOT require certification of any kind, but the moment you type it into google there’s going to be ads from this program to that. Stay strong. Keep researching and focus on the bottom line.

My focus in self-education feels new, but it’s not. When I stop to think about it, I realize its a thing I do often. Cradled up in an armchair on a weekend afternoon or squeezing into a fun packed summer day on my patio. Always with an ebook in one hand, and a notepad in the other. You can catch me loading up my youtube queue with ted talks on writing, medicine, or tech I won’t even be alive to see when it comes out. The part that is new to me, is that I’ve finally decided to give it the attention it deserves.

“I have never let schooling interfere with my education” ~Mark Twain

My writing is an important part of who I am. Without it, I am a mere human, existing to eat and feel things. How dull. I wanted to explore furthering my education, maybe earning a degree in English, creative writing, something where I’d be deepening my skill in the craft. For a family with schedules to consider, jobs to balance, and a home to care for, this was no easy feat. Yet, the true thing standing in my way is a promise I made to myself years ago; that I would never rake up thousands of dollars of debt for a useless degree again. I’ve wasted plenty of money on a college education and now I’m here to continue learning on my own terms. This has been and will be a journey for me as much as for you.

Your task, to begin with, is researching. Do you want to open a restaurant? Start a dog walking service? Write a novel? Compose your own opera? Research it all and be cautious of college program ads! My next post will be about how I’m beginning my studies and structuring my day thus far.

I wish you plenty of ink my friends.




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